Overflow Parking

Upland Green Community Organization – Overflow Parking Regulations

The Upland Green Community Organization (“HOA”) is not liable for any damage nor loss of any property in the Overflow Parking Lot. The HOA is not liable for any injuries that may occur.

  • The HOA Board, at its sole discretion, may refuse to allow anyone to use the Overflow Parking Lot or renew a request to use an Overflow Parking Lot space if the person(s) has violated this agreement during the previous 24 months.
  • With a signed agreement from both the homeowner and tenant, a homeowner may secure one spot for use by the tenant. Preference, however, will always be given to homeowners living within the Upland Green Community.
  • A homeowner may use more than once spot (must pay for each spot used)
  • The homeowner will pay $180.00 a year for use (even if spot is to be used by a tenant). Full payment is due at the time the spot is assigned.  No exceptions.
  • Failure to pay within 15 days of billing (after year one), will result in loss of the spot and towing of the vehicle at the homeowner’s expense.
  • Per our CC&Rs, Article H, Section 2, there will be NO structures allowed in Overflow Parking. No exceptions.
  • Placement of any structure will result in loss of the spot and all costs for removal will be at the homeowner’s expense.
  • For purposes of this agreement, a “vehicle” is defined as a car, van, truck, motorcycle, boat or trailer.
  • Given concerns about maneuvering vehicles larger than 20 feet, at no time will more than four vehicles larger than 20 feet be allowed.  Larger vehicles may not be more than 28 feet no impede the use of any other spot in the lot.
  • Commercial vehicles are not allowed.
  • The vehicle must be registered to a current homeowner or tenant and licensed with the state.
  • The registration must have at LEAST either 1) the homeowner’s name or 2) the Upland Green Address
  • The vehicle must be able to be driven or, if a boat or trailer, towed.
  • The vehicle must be parked in the homeowner’s designated spot.
  • The vehicle must NOT be blocking any other spot. A vehicle blocking another spot will be towed at the homeowner’s expense.  The homeowner will lose the spot which will then be made available to a homeowner on the waiting list.
  • If lock code is to be changed, all homeowners using the Overflow Parking will be notified 30 days in advance, unless an emergency requires a change without such notice.
  • Every March the Overflow Parking area will be unavailable during the second full week in the month. During this week requisite maintenance work will be performed and ALL vehicles must be removed.  It is sole the responsibility of the homeowner to move his/her vehicle prior to the start of maintenance week.  Any vehicles left in the area at the start of the maintenance week will be towed at the owner’s expense.  Please note that NO reminder notices will be mailed out, so MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

Overflow Parking Regulations & Agreement

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