City of Kirkland Accepting Neighborhood Safety Project Suggestions

Media Contact:
Joy Johnston
Interim Communications Program Manager
(425) 979-6562

Projects will improve safety and livability throughout Kirkland

KIRKLAND, Wash. – The City of Kirkland’s Neighborhood Safety Program (NSP) is accepting ideas for projects that will improve the safety and livability in Kirkland’s neighborhoods. Kirkland residents are encouraged to submit their ideas through the OurKirkland interactive map. To do so, click the “Request for Service” blue button and then enter the address for your project selection or use the pin on the map. Then select “Suggest a Project” in the drop-down dialog box and select the type of project. Projects can be submitted at any time during the year.

All suggestions will be shared with the respective Neighborhood Association this fall. Each Neighborhood Association reviews projects at their monthly meetings in the coming months and can select a maximum of two projects totaling less than $50,000 to submit to the Program. Individuals, community organizations, and businesses are encouraged to work directly with their respective Neighborhood Associations to help identify, review, and prioritize NSP projects.  Each Neighborhood Association will identify a Neighborhood Representative to work with other neighborhood representatives and City staff through the Neighborhood Safety Program process in December 2021 through March 2022.

Project idea forms are due from Neighborhood Associations by December 3, 2021 and Neighborhood Associations will start discussions about potential project ideas at their fall meetings. To find your Neighborhood Association, go to the City website and refer to the “Kirkland Neighborhood Association Map” to identify your neighborhood association.

Each year there is a total of $350,000 available for projects citywide under $50,000, including $150,000 funded by the voter approved 2012 Streets Levy.   Projects fall into the following categories:

  • Bicycle Facility: Bike lanes or trails.
  • Crosswalks: New crosswalks, improved crosswalk ramps (ADA), crosswalk islands, and rapid flashing beacons.
  • Intersection Improvement: Signage, parking, and pedestrian “bump outs.”
  • Walkway/Sidewalk and Trail: Gravel trails, steps, curbs, traffic delineators, and sidewalks.
  • Street Lighting: On existing utility poles or installing a light new pole.

Improvements are restricted to City property including streets, parks, community facilities, and the Cross Kirkland Corridor. All projects that were funded through the NSP can be found on the City website. Ideas for traffic calming projects, such as traffic islands, speed cushions, pedestrian “bump outs,” signage, and radar signs, are welcome, but these project types are handled through a different program than the Neighborhood Safety Program.

For more information, contact David Wolbrecht, Senior Neighborhood Services Coordinator at 425-587-3011 or


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