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Stay Informed

With the recent uptake in car prowls, car thefts and burglaries in our neighborhood and those around us, we wanted to bring a website to your attention:  This site maps all police reported crime activity in the area and allows you to setup notifications to be alerted when new crimes are posted.

As always, please report any suspicious activity to the police.




Late last night (11/12/16), two coyotes were spotted in the street on NE 138th Place, just a couple houses in from the main entrance.  Please be alert and particularly mindful of your children and pets.

Annual Homeowners Meeting

The annual homeowners meeting is this Thursday, October 20th, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the Kamiakin Middle School Cafeteria.

The Board will provide a brief “year in review” as well as talk about the 2017 budget and some projects we hope to accomplish in the new year.  There will also be the selection of the 2017 Board of Directors.  There are five positions that will need to be filled or renewed – Treasurer, Secretary, Community Relations, Architectural Control and Overflow Parking/Block Watch.

Hope to see you there.

Vehicle Theft

The Board has been informed of the following two illegal activities that occurred either late Saturday evening (10/15) or early Sunday morning (10/16):

  • Items from a vehicle on 138 Place NE were stolen.  The vehicle was in the homeowner’s driveway.
  • A vehicle on 134th Avenue NE was stolen.  This vehicle was also in the homeowner’s driveway.

When crime hits so close, it is easy to get scared (and angry) and wonder how to better ensure that you don’t become a victim of crime.  The City of Kirkland has a webpage containing tips to deter and prevent common types of crime.  Please check out:

48-Hour Parking Enforcement


Our Upland Green community has four 48-hour parking areas – three on NE 138th Place and one on NE 139th Place.  While many homeowners use the spots as they are intended, there are some that have used spots for long-term parking.  New signs will be in place this month to ensure there is no ambiguity in what is and is not allowed.  Once the signs are in place, vehicles violating the 48-hour limit will be towed.

June Board Meeting

This month’s board meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 22nd (instead of the 29th).  The meeting will be held at Aegis Living of Kirkland at 13000 Totem Lake Boulevard, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

All are welcome.


The homeowners at 13305 NE 138th Place has a driveway (almost) full of wood chips.  They have used all that they need and are offering up any and all remaining to anyone who wants it.  Bring a wheelbarrow or a truck and take what you need.

The Joys of Technology

Last Wednesday (May 25th), our website was taken offline as we had missed the renewal notices (going to an unmonitored mailbox).  Unfortunately, although we immediately rectified the payment issue, our vendor was unable to restore the site.  We are working to recreate the site as best we can.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will be implementing measures to ensure this does not happen again.